Jessica Dickinson From-Here: Notebook Drawings > Altman Siegel > Aug 4 – Aug 26, 2022
Jessica Dickinson
From-Here: Notebook Drawings
August 4 – August 26, 2022

Altman Siegel is delighted to present From-Here: Notebook Drawings, an exhibition of works on paper by Jessica Dickinson. Serving as a companion to her current show, From: Know-Here-With-This, this body of work will further elaborate the nuances of the artist’s process. Alongside her large-scale paintings and remainders, Dickinson’s notebook drawings offer intriguing moments of fragility and proximity.

The notebook drawings are produced with colored pencil in drawing books and are then torn out and joined with linen tape. Dickinson uses the drawings as notes to help order each stage in her paintings to ultimately assist with their development. Viewed together, they document subtle shifts in perception, sensation, and form. The specific series of drawings on display in the gallery corresponds with Dickinson’s painting From-Here (2021-2022), demarcating the production of the work over time. The drawings underscore the significance of transition and event throughout the artist’s oeuvre. While her paintings evolve over the course of a year, these works present an opportunity to visualize a fleeting event or form.

Dickinson says the following of her notebook drawings:
“Reductive in form, these drawings follow shifts in perception through time and the sensations of seeing, feeling and thinking in the periphery of lived spaces and the body. The combination of restrained forms and the central seam bring attention to their fragility and indicate the intimacy of the book as their source. I use these drawings as ‘notes,’ gathering them in different groupings to help order stages within the paintings. Writing on the back, which I call ‘notations,’ are conceived in conjunction with the drawings, and inform the development of the paintings.”