HERE > James Fuentes > 2009

James Fuentes LLC is pleased to announce Here, Jessica Dickinson’s debut solo exhibition with the gallery.
The exhibition title Here refers to central ideas that pervade Dickinson’s largely abstract paintings, which are steeped in everyday perceptual phenomena. Searching for meaning in the minor and overlooked, each piece foregrounds both inward and outward shifts in awareness through time. Reflecting an approach to seeing, sensing and abstraction that is more migratory then transcendental, the paintings suggest association and resist naming.  Here also alludes to the present tense, inviting the viewer to be present by offering a space for slow observation.

 The paintings explore the exchange between perception and psychology that develop in quotidian spaces such as windows and doors. The work resounds with portals, openings, thresholds, barriers and border spaces that are crossed or entered through extensive manipulation of the painting surface. Repeated marks, stains, illuminations, and traces refuse the dichotomy of inside/outside, both visually and materially.  Three oil paintings on limestone polymer, “Distance-Come Closer”, “Here”, and “Flash- Shift”, operate almost as three times of the day and three different modes of perception. Four mixed media works on paper, “Screen”, “Shift”, “Before-Almost”, and “See It”,create meditative fields that emerge, reveal, and oscillate.
Dickinson was born in 1975, St. Paul, MN, and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1997 and her MFA in Painting, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI in 1999. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and has presented solo exhibitions at Bas Fisher Invitational Miami (2006), and Brooklyn Fire Proof project space (2007).